Payday loan: What you should know

Sometimes, your finances won’t allow you to make it through the month. Even with a careful budget, unexpected expenses like an auto repair or a medical bill could make it difficult to pull enough cash to cover your expenses. When you’re in a tight spot and require more cash to get to the next payday, you might consider getting a payday loan. They’re advertised as the best solution in this kind of scenario and are the clear go-to solution, isn’t it?

Payday loans aren’t as low-cost and convenient alternatives that many believe they are. We will explain why payday loans in South Africa are often expensive and should be avoided. We then look at an alternative.

What is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans are short-term unsecure loans that are utilized to access funds quickly to help you make it through the month. These loans are typically repaid within a couple of weeks. The repayment amount is taken from your account.

The cost of a payday LEND

Payday loans are short-term loans which is quickly repaid. This makes it easy to think that they don’t pose any risk. However, the costs and interest rates associated with these loans are more than nearly any other kind of loan, making these loans a costly solution. The borrowers in South Africa could be charged rates as high as 5 percent per month. It may not sound like much. Add on administration costs and you could be spending more than R400 in interest and fees on an R2000 loan.

Payday loans are not the best option for cash flow problems. This is especially true if you have financial problems. You will be putting yourself in a much worse financial position by taking out a new loan. The cost of the loan will rise, leading you to be in debt. If you had a number of debit orders before you took out the payday loan, the repayment can drain the funds you put aside for a new debit order. A rejected debit card will most likely mark a negative mark on your credit report, which would have a negative impact on your credit score, which could make the future loans more expensive.


If you absolutely need money and you are in need of cash, a personal loan could be cheaper than a payday loan. Personal loans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of borrowers, unlike payday loans, which are based on fixed rates of interest. Personal loans are much more affordable when your credit score is above or below. It is essential to determine the amount of the loan before you accept it. You should also be sure to take your money from trustworthy lenders who accurately assess your credit and provide the most suitable loan to suit your specific needs.

Prevention is better than cure.

It’s better to not need a loan for an indefinite period. This means that you must make sure you have enough money even when faced with emergency expenses. And that’s no easy task. South Africans don’t have much savings. But, it’s crucial to save money for rainy days that will come. To avoid getting into this scenario in which you’ve got nothing remaining at the close of each month to cover unexpected expenses, you need to revise your budget to ensure you can begin saving for an emergency fund.

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